6 types of most used construction materials

Construction materials are those products, by-products and raw materials that are used in the development of the manufacture of buildings and civil works, with different uses, such as residential, business, among others.

Types of building materials

Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar 6 types of most used construction materials
  • Organic materials: These are products of plant origin and some simple by-products of these, such as wood, cork, rubber, mezcal fiber, bamboo.
  • Stone materials: They are stone-like materials obtained naturally (rocks) or artificially (ceramics and glass).
  • Binding materials: They are those that can adhere to others (of a stony nature), to form more or less plastic masses that allow them to be molded and to obtain other products.
  • Metallic materials: The main ones are iron, steel, copper, bronze, aluminum. Among the most important products are pipes and structural profiles.
  • Synthetic materials: These are plastics and polymers whose advantage in construction is stability and inalterability.
  • Composite materials: The following can be mentioned (among others): mortar, concrete, prestressed concrete, artificial stone, fiber cement, composite aluminum, plasterboard, asphalt.

Today there are new methods, techniques and systems for the construction of housing with innovative construction materials, contributing to a sustainable future, using ingenious means to reduce time, costs and energy. Some examples are:

  • Spread ceramic concrete.
  • Ecological construction with paper concrete.
  • Decorative concrete on the walls.
  • Contemporary reinforced concrete house.
  • Concrete dome.
  • Light concrete panels.