Construction according to Nelson Bustamante

The construction industry is an important part of the country’s economy. It greatly contributes to the economic growth of a nation. It has laid the physical and technological foundations on which modern civilization has developed.

I am Nelson Bustamante Abidar and I want to invite you to this space that I have created where we will be talking about the interesting world of construction.

This industry is one of the largest business sectors in the world and moves significant sums of money. It also creates investment opportunities in various sectors and is vital to the achievement of national socio-economic goals.

A multidisciplinary industry

When you look at the buildings and infrastructure around us, it’s amazing to think of the hundreds and miles of commercial workers on these highly complex projects.

Construction projects consist of various stages or sequential steps such as the first conception and design. Construction is the actual phase where that design becomes physical in the real world.

These projects require the cooperation of all the parties involved to be carried out correctly, since they are complex and take time.

Much of the construction supplies are in the form of raw materials, semi-finished and processed, aggregates, bricks, cement, steel, among others.

others, which are provided by relatively labor-intensive domestic providers and basic industries. From the point of view of progressive linkage, the construction industry affects almost all sectors of the economy.

In this blog we will talk to you precisely about it, you will find information about construction methods, civil engineering and other professions that are related to this industry, such as modern architecture. We will also brand you news about the latest construction materials.

Nelson Bustamante Abidar: construction challenges

But construction is also in trouble, plagued by cost overruns and poor quality; challenges that can be addressed today with modern technologies, coupled with a better understanding of the benefits of data insights and decision making.

Someone needs to bring a new and innovative solution to construction, to connect the workers on site with the people in the office and with all the machines and sensors to create a great operating system that works seamlessly and transparently.

In this space we will also talk about the best practices in construction planning and management and all the technology and methods that have facilitated the processes in each of the areas.

the heart of humanity

Construction is the most pervasive factor in our life. There is no aspect of human life and civilization in which construction does not have a profound influence, not only in physical spaces but also in hearts, uniting people in their social, cultural, political, recreational activities. and economic.

It spans a very large canvas of human activities, from cottages to skyscrapers, from wagon routes to super-fast highways, from sewers to multi-span, multi-lane overpasses, from village stores to supermarkets and large industrial complexes, refineries and fertilizer plants. , from observation posts in the high Himalayas to deep-sea offshore drilling platforms.

This virtual space is designed to help construction business owners run successful businesses. We will provide you with information on business management and the kind of knowledge that is of real value to business owners.

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