New green seals to certify sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is on the rise and, increasingly, the industry at a global level adheres to this movement, emerging new green seals to certify sustainability in the sector.

New green seals

Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar New green seals to certify sustainable construction

The newest green seals to certify sustainability in the construction industry are:

  • Sustainable Building Certification

It was presented as a new seal by AENOR at the beginning of 2022. They seek it to be one of the pioneering green seals in terms of ESG criteria, that is, in terms of environmental, social and governance.

In the first place, they must include a minimum percentage of products manufactured with sustainable criteria in construction. Second, the buildings will be evaluated according to the Level(S) macro-objectives.

  • AENOR N Sustainable

Created during the first quarter of 2022 to certify sustainability in construction, becoming the first guarantee that exists in Spain for this field and supports a product, not only in terms of quality, but also to guarantee that the product is sustainable in compliance with the three ESG criteria, under a social, environmental and corporate governance approach.

A construction, house or building, that manages to obtain one of the green seals represents a construction that has proven that it cares for the environment, the impact on the environment is positive and its management will be efficient during the time it is standing.