What is urban planning? - Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar

What is urban planning?

The word urbanism comes etymologically from urbe (city) or urbano (that which belongs to the city) and is a derivative of the Latin term urbs-urbis and urbanus; the city of Rome was called Urbs. Likewise, from the Germanic declension of the root ur, comes the word burgo, related to the term bourgeois and that, at … Read more

Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar - New green seals to certify sustainable construction

Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar: New green seals to certify sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is booming and, increasingly, the industry globally adheres to this movement, emerging new green seals to certify sustainability in the sector; hence companies, organizations and individuals are adapted to develop their projects towards standards in green building, such as zero energy consumption, certifications endorse this practice and Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar gives us … Read more