Construction Materials

Since its inception, human beings have modified their environment to adapt it to their needs. For this, it has made use of all kinds of natural materials that, with the passage of time and the development of technology, have been transformed into different products through manufacturing processes of increasing sophistication. Raw natural materials (stone, wood, clay, metal, water) are called raw materials, while products made from them (gypsum, cement, steel, glass, brick) are called building materials.

Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar


Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar Urban planning is the set of techniques derived from urban planning that serve for urban intervention, in which urban processes are systematized in order to achieve effective urban intervention. There are various currents of urban thought to say strategic planning, urban planning, urban renewal, among others. Specifically, it is the action of urbanization that intervenes in search of the organization of the city and the territory. The denomination of those who dedicate themselves to this profession are urban planners, however, according to the regulations of the countries and regions, these can be called urban planners, urban planning experts, urban planning technicians, cadastral engineers. In many countries, urban planning is a specialization or extension of the professions of planning, geography, architecture, or civil engineering.

Nelson Rafael Bustamante Abidar

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Repair and remodel

It is a process of changing the appearance and/or functionality of a structure (understood in a broad sense), that is, a modification in its shape and/or size, and/or an extension, for remodeling purposes. and/or adaptation to other uses, almost always also including preservation and maintenance tasks (treatments against the action of the elements, painting, waterproofing, etc.).

In the area of ​​architecture, in many cases it implies a real total or partial reconstruction of a building, because it is in a dilapidated and abandoned state, or because of the need for necessary repairs to maintain or improve structural stability, or to adapt the existing to a new project

Nelson Bustamante Abidar